As a well-funded startup, Mobiplex has the technology, team and business model to not just make a serious difference but to create "tomorrow". We offer a supremely challenging, fun and rewarding environment for the talented few who dare to shape the future rather than ride the wave.

For the technology wizards, you will learn a lot. Mobiplex's offering embraces a spectrum of cutting edge disciplines. We are looking for brilliant engineers across an assortment of skillsets, and value raw potential as much as we do domain expertise.

For the business oriented, we recognize that Mobiplex's success will hinge on the success of our offering in the market. As such, we have a unique revenue model and awareness strategy. We value creative thinking over conventional wisdom, strategic depth over tactical routine.

With a presence in Silicon Valley as well as Pune, India we are looking for strong leaders  and quality candidates in both locations. We invite you to talk to us and be part of building a great company.

To apply to Mobiplex, please send your resume to: jobs@mobiplex.com

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